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How it works!

Deadline to order?

The deadline to order is 1 pm the day before your selected meal. Pick-up or delivery is on the scheduled day for your meal. For example, if you would like to order the meal for February 23, the deadline to order that meal would be 1 pm February 22.

If you are trying to order past the 1 pm deadline please call our team to see if we have any additional portions left. 902-832-5213

Heating Instructions?

Heating and finishing instructions are provided. All courses are either ready to eat or require assembly or warming.


If you would like your fresh meals delivered please select “Please deliver my order” when choosing meals from the drop-down menu and add them to your online shopping cart. If you have chosen more than one of the weekly specials, they will be separately delivered on their scheduled days. 

Delivery is FREE (within Dartmouth, Halifax, Bedford & Fall River) when you order our What’s for supper?! Fresh Meal Specials.

Just enter the coupon code FRESH upon checkout to receive your free delivery and wave any additional fees!

How does delivery work when checking out? 

If you have already selected a fresh meal + “Please deliver my order” from the drop-down and added it to your online shopping cart you will want to proceed to checkout. When you are on the checkout page enter all your billing information and select delivery on the right-hand side (it automatically defaults to delivery).

Then enter the following coupon code once delivery information is entered (up at the top of the page – ” Have a coupon code?): FRESH

Once the delivery coupon is entered the delivery fee will be waved and a third option will appear above delivery and pick-up on the right-hand side called “Free Delivery”.

We need your delivery details, but delivery is free, so this wipes out any additional delivery cost while tagging your delivery in our online system!

**PLEASE NOTE – this coupon code is only applicable when you order from our Fresh Meal Program. It can not be used on other orders that do not include meals from the Fresh Meal program. 

Outside the delivery fresh meal zone?

If you are outside our fresh meal delivery zone please don’t use the coupon code upon checkout – you will not receive free delivery, but our system will calculate delivery upon checkout once you have entered your billing information (as seen with other/previous orders).

Can I choose to pick up my dinners instead of having them delivered?

Yes, dinners may be picked up on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Kitchen Door between 11:00 am – 5:00 pm. 

When will my meals be ready for pick-up?

Your Fresh Meals will be ready for pick-up between 11:00 am – 5:00 pm. at Kitchen Door (110 Higney Ave, Suite 100, Dartmouth) on their scheduled day.

What time will I receive my delivery?

Kitchen Door meals are delivered between 1:00 and 5:00 pm The delivery route depends on the number and location of the day’s deliveries. If you have not received your meal by 4:30 pm, please contact us and we will attempt to reach the driver. Rarely, inclement weather or bad traffic prevents our meal from arriving before 5:00 pm.

What if I am not at home to receive my Dinner?

Most of our clients are not at home when we deliver. We ask that you place a hard-sided cooler on your porch (or an accessible location) and we will put your meal into the cooler. Your cooler should be placed in a shaded area and have a few ice packs in it, especially during the warmer months. The cooler is not only to keep your fresh food from getting warm or freezing, but it also protects your meal from animals, specifically those nosy squirrels!

Can you deliver to my place of work?

We can deliver to your workplace if our drivers are able to leave the meal with a centralized reception or shipping area that is easily accessible. Our drivers are not able to call before delivering or to wait for you to come to receive the meal. The drivers have until 5:00 pm to complete all their deliveries.

Can you deliver to my apartment or condo?

We can deliver to your apartment or condo if you are home to buzz the driver into your building, or if your building manager, concierge, or superintendent is willing to receive the meal on your behalf.

What if I have food allergies, or don’t like a particular ingredient?

For our ‘Fresh Meal Specials’ we are unable to make modifications or substitutions. Although we can provide a list of ingredients upon request, cross-contamination is always a risk and those with life-threatening allergies should not consider our food ‘safe’. If you have any food allergies or sensitivities you need to make sure we are aware of those every time you order a meal. We do not have a system that can track individual allergies.

How do I pay?

Once you have added your selected meals to your online cart please select checkout and follow the prompts for billing and credit card information. 

If you have already selected a “Please deliver my order” and added it to your online shopping cart you will want to select delivery on the checkout page and enter the following coupon code (up at the top of the page): FRESH to receive free delivery.

**PLEASE NOTE – this coupon code is only applicable when you order from our Fresh Meal Program. It can not be used on other orders that do not include meals from the Fresh Meal program. 

I am entertaining. Can I increase my portion size?

No problem! Just order as many portions as you need.

I would like to send meals to a friend as a gift. Is this possible?

You can send a gift card to your friends. This allows your friends to order food when they wish, and they can address any dietary restrictions or delivery concerns with us at that time. We would be happy to help you gift meals to your friends and loved ones if you have spoken to your friends, explained the delivery times and conditions, ensured that they will be at home or have left a cooler out and that they know the food is coming. up

Have questions for our team?

Give us a call or send an email! We are happy to walk you through the process and chat about our upcoming menu. 

Phone: 902 -832-5213 | Email: foodshop@kitchendoor.ca