Sandwich (Indv.)

Sandwich (Indv.)



Individual Packaged


The Sandwich selection will be based on the details provided. Please see below for more information

No Substitutions - please select our Custom Wrap option for custom requests including dietary accommodations


Our Recommendation 

  • Serve chilled

Filling Selection :

Focaccia  (V+, V, DF)

  • Chicken Salad |  Eden Valley Roasted Chicken with Carrots, Red Onion, Celery, Dried Cranberries, Greens and Mayo
  • Ham & Cheese | The Pork Shop Pictou County Ham, Aged Cheddar, Greens with a Creamy Honey Infused Dijon Mayo
  • Egg Salad (V) | Classic Egg Salad with Celery, Fresh Parsley and Mixed Greens
  • Braised Beef |  Pickles, Aged Cheddar Cheese, Mixed and Horseradish Aioli
  • Smoked Turkey Club | In House Smoked Turkey with Carrots, Red Onions, Celery and Dried Cranberries With Mayo, Brie, Bacon, and Greens