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At Kitchen Door, we do it old-school. All our baked goods, snacks and wholesale items are made from scratch by our talented team. We pretty much produce around the clock so you and your clients receive the freshest and yummiest food. No mixes, no preservatives and a whole lot of scratch goodness goes into every bite! Interested in offering our uniquely delicious products in your restaurant, coffee shop or cafe? Drop us a line below!

We do the work, your business makes the profit

Current customers

How it works

Once everything is arranged with Kitchen Door and your business

  1. You send us your order. We offer multiple timeframes for multiple items, some items you can get next day, some items take longer.
  2. Our skilled kitchen team gets to work preparing your food, and if desired, also packages it branded for your business.
  3. Kitchen Doors' timely delivery team hits the road with your food in our refrigerated delivery vans (you can also pick it up)
  4. You sell it!

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Contact our sales team to start a discussion on how we can work together

By Phone: (902) 832-5213