Crispy Chicken Parm Bites (Heat and Serve)
Crispy Chicken Parm Bites | 24 | Heat & Serve

Crispy Chicken Parm Bites (Heat and Serve)


Crispy Chicken Parm Bites | Heat & Serve

24 Bites


Eden Valley Brined Chicken Breast Breaded with Panko and Fresh Parmesan Cheese Served with Preserved Lemon Aioli and Marinara.


Our Recommendation 

  • Heat & Serve items come cold 
  • Items that require heating will be in an oven proof container, ready to heat. 
  • Heating Instructions provided with some assembly required
  • Condiments and sides will be in separate packaging, ready to serve
  • Serve warm components in the over proof container or alternatively you can transfer to a platter (not included - sold separately)
  • Disposableware - If you need Cutlery, Plates, Napkins, Cups or Serving Utensils such as Tongs, please order separately as they are not included with the product