Breakfast Burritos
Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast Burritos


1) Breakfast Burrito Buffet

  • Minimum order required is 12
  • No Substitutions - Selections are fixed and cannot be modified (please refer to our individual offerings for dietary accommodations)
  • Warm items are presented in Foil Pans (included in pricing), delivered in hot boxes/bags - ready to serve!
  • Cold items presented on our disposable/recyclable platters/containers with lid (Included in pricing)
  • Disposableware not included (unless otherwise noted) - If you require Disposableware such as Cutlery, Plates, Napkins, Cups or Serving Utensils such as tongs, ladles, spoons, please order separately.




  • Roasted Breakfast Potatoes (GF DF V VG) with Chipotle Ketchup (GF DF V VG)
  • Seasonal Fruit Salad (GF DF V VG)
  • Burrito with Scrambled Eggs, KD House Made Salsa, Shredded Cheddar Cheese in a Whole Wheat Wrap (V)
    • Your choice of Filling (select in the drop down menu above):
      • Bacon (GF DF)
      • House Made Breakfast Sausage (GF DF)
      • Local Ham (GF DF)
      • Cheese only
      • Southwest Black Bean Fritters (GF V VG DF) | Seasoned Black Bean and Quinoa Fritter with Fresh Cilantro, Green Onion, "Fresh Start" Chili and Lime “Cheese”